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Idea to implementation. Why i2Space?

user/ September 26, 2014/ General/ 0 comments

Entrepreneurs by nature are capable of generating numerous ideas on a daily basis – yes, they have a sharp observation and are good at spotting opportunities. Even when they talk on phone, watching TV, in the bathroom, in the gym and even in the sleep, they are continuously getting knocked by the ideas they would love to implement. As you

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Why did i2Space Decide to Move to ASP.Net MVC?

user/ September 13, 2014/ Technology/ 0 comments

Software is a fast updating field and the software technology trend changes every month, yes, extremely dynamic in nature! i2Space being an early adaptor of cutting edge technologies regularly reviews its technology stack. We have a small but dedicated team of multi-talented software developers who are in look-out to understand, prototype and implement the latest technologies. So, be it MS-Azure

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Top 5 Benefits of SaaS?

user/ September 8, 2014/ Cloud Computing, SaaS/ 0 comments

You must have heard about Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS).  For the uninitiated, let me describe briefly as what is SaaS in a simple language. What exactly is Cloud SaaS? In plain English SaaS is new delivery model which is centrally hosted by the service provider and operates on monthly, annual or some fixed interval subscription basis. SaaS can

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