Top 5 Benefits of SaaS?

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You must have heard about Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS).  For the uninitiated, let me describe briefly as what is SaaS in a simple language.

What exactly is Cloud SaaS?

In plain English SaaS is new delivery model which is centrally hosted by the service provider and operates on monthly, annual or some fixed interval subscription basis. SaaS can be accessed via a web browser (thin client) on any device that is connected to the internet. Nowadays it has become the common delivery model for service.

Most of the SaaS follow multi-tenant architecture i.e. 100s of client can access the service which has a single codebase and may be single database.

What are its benefits to a consumer like you?

SaaS Benefits

1. Within your budget

Going the traditional route to develop, test and deploy custom application requires time, patience and loads of capital expenses (CapEx). Then there are certain risks like chances of cost escalation due to delay, inflation or project failures etc. are high and common. Considering these scenarios SaaS is the best available bet to sort out most of your IT solutions with in your budget without any risk.

Consuming SaaS applications is financially least risky cause you are not paying any huge amount upfront; no setup / license / installation cost. Most of the SaaS apps are paid on monthly subscription basis where you can easily unsubscribe the service, if not satisfied.

2. Painless Upgrades

Did you ever worry to upgrade Google mail? No, because it is a SaaS and in SaaS the upgrades are pushed by service providers and in most of the cases it’s a smooth transition and the end users get to know about it later on.  You don’t need to think about the hardware, software environment or any of the management kind of stuff required for upgrades.

3. High adoption, Lower learning curve

SaaS can be accessed from any device and requires a browser, of course with an internet connection. So, whether you are connected with web on your mobile, tab, notebook or the latest wearable gizmo (like watch) you can access your SaaS. This has lead to an anytime and almost anywhere access to your application. This has definitely lead to a higher adoption rate for SaaS.  Also, SaaS apps are quite simple to use and are known for a great User Experience (UX).

4. Scalable & Elastic

By the virtue of their architecture most of the SaaS are salable. So, once your business is growing you don’t need to worry at all about the Server upgrade, setting up additional servers, load balancing, bandwidth or things like that. Similarly if your business is not doing well you have the option to configure your application to use less resources so that you pay less.

5. No maintenance nightmare

If you’ve ever used a custom built application you must be aware how difficult is it to chase the development team for continuous maintenance of the application. In case of SaaS the responsibility to maintain the application lies solely with the service provider.


Hope this post helps you with your decision making process and to understand the benefits of SaaS.  i2Space is a pioneer in travel SaaS and has recently launched its flagship SaaS named eTravos – redefining travel booking solutions! Check this out.







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