Why did i2Space Decide to Move to ASP.Net MVC?

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Software is a fast updating field and the software technology trend changes every month, yes, extremely dynamic in nature! i2Space being an early adaptor of cutting edge technologies regularly reviews its technology stack. We have a small but dedicated team of multi-talented software developers who are in look-out to understand, prototype and implement the latest technologies. So, be it MS-Azure (PaaS) or Open source technologies we are always in search for better technologies for a better solution to our customer problems.


Although i2Space has been working on ASP.Net MVC pattern for the past couple of years yet we have most of our independent projects in Web Forms. Last week the team-i2Space had a insightful session to reflect on the technology usage by us in various projects. The crux of the session was that MVC was gaining ground in the technology market, yes of course at the expense of Web Forms. Even we found that the projects we have accomplished in MVC were easier to maintain and were performing better than the web forms.

For the readers who are uninitiated, let me briefly share a brief basic of MVC.

What is MVC?

Wikipedia defines Model View Controller (MVC)as a software architectural pattern for implementing user interfaces.  It divides a given software application into three interconnected parts, so as to separate internal representations of information from the ways that information is presented to or accepted from the user.

ASP.Net MVC is an implementation of MVC by Microsoft for its web application framework.  ASP.Net web applications are divided into 3 logical layers:

  1. Model – business layer
  2. View – display layer i.e. UI
  3. Controller – input control


Why ASP.Net MVC?

MVC promotes (or force) a good design from the start of the project. There are various advantages of MVC over traditional web forms.  A few of them are listed below:

  1. ASP.Net MVC is light weight.
  2. Provides clean separation of concerns. Code is well organized & easy to maintain.
  3. Enables test driven development.
  4. Enables full control over the rendered HTML.
  5. SEO friendly URLs.
  6. Easy integration with JavaScript features.

How does it Benefit our Customers?

In software the maintenance cost far exceeds the initial production cost of the application. Low maintenance will obviously translate to lower cost of application maintenance. So, MVC will definitely be a win-win for us and customers alike.

What Have We Done to Get Started?

As very few developers in our team are skilled for a full-fledged MVC development we are about to start a week long theory and hands-on session on ASP.Net MVC 4. We have already started prototyping the existing web applications. Hope to get every developer on-board MVC within a couple of weeks.

We hope to pass on the benefits of our new skill to our customers. Happy Programming…





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