Idea to implementation. Why i2Space?

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Entrepreneurs by nature are capable of generating numerous ideas on a daily basis – yes, they have a sharp observation and are good at spotting opportunities. Even when they talk on phone, watching TV, in the bathroom, in the gym and even in the sleep, they are continuously getting knocked by the ideas they would love to implement.

As you are reading this post I assume you are an entrepreneur at heart. Whether you are about to start wannabe entrepreneur,  just started or have become a seasoned entrepreneur you are always in look out for good software service providers who can workout on your idea to make it a reality. i2space As the web technologies are getting matured and refined the time & especially the money required for idea to implementation is getting reduced, even though the general inflation is going high! So this is the right time to spin your ideas. Who knows… your idea may have the potential to become the next Alibaba or Flipkart 🙂

Are You Struck by an Idea?

Yes, an idea that you think can be Implemented to solve a problem to bring some change. As usual you need to run behind the various service providers, e Mails, Phone calls, Face-2-face meetings … indeed a lot of time and energy is getting wasted!

And most of the times from most of the software vendors what do you get after so much of followup & running around? A quote that is simply out-of-your reach!

We are here to change this.  Team i2Space is going to unleash all its creative talent pool to make your idea into reality and with in a budget that can’t be beaten by any other vendor. That’s our observation. We are ready for a challenge, if you wish.

Why i2Space?

i2Space in its last 4 years of existence has guided many ideas to implementation. If your idea is in Travel domain, stop hunting for vendors as i2Space is a leader in travel sector. We have gained deep expertise in core travel domain applications after executing more than 100 domestic and international (US, Australia, Europe and Middle East) projects. We are an expert in:

  1. Consuming APIs (like GDS providers, Service Aggregators or individual travel APIs) in any of the services – Flights, Bus, Hotels, Cabs or Holidays.
  2. Aggragating Multiple APIs in a single application. You can SwitchON or SwitchOFF (Enable/Diasable) the APIs based on your business requiremet.
  3. Building APIs. We have built and released our own API for our flagship SaaS app. The eTravos API is an aggregation of multiple travel APIs from multiple services in a single API; never done before by anyone! It’s an industry first.

What if it’s a Non-Travel Idea?

Share it with us… we’ll do a feasibility study for you. If we are convinced that your idea has a potential we’ll build the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for you at just the minimal production cost. You keep the code and database with us. Go to market and if its successful share your success and a little bit of “bounty” with us. If it’s a failure forget it and move on.

How does i2Space Provide Applications at such a lower price point?

A couple of years back, we realized that affordability is the Key to growth in Indian market. Indian domestic market thrives on the big volume and not on the big margin unlike west. Whatever we learnt during the last 4 years is now getting executed in a planned manner to minimize the cost-of-production. We follow our in-house mantra named PTT (Process, Technology, Team Size) for an effective cost optimization measure: i2space-process

  • ProcessWe have a young team lead by a few highly experienced and talented technology leaders. We have observed that the young developers stay with us for an average of 2 years. To tackle this industry-wise prevalent issue we have almost automated the training process of our new joiners. With our streamlined automated process and well documented API resources, even a freshers with a little code experience is ready for production standard code crunching in a couple of months! A small step but this makes a big difference. Win-win for both… the company and the employee.
  • TechnologyWe are passionate about this and to increase the developers productivity our core excellence team is continuously in look out for latest development tools to minimize time & effort and hence increase in productivity. Every Friday we have a internal/external Skill Development and Brainstorming sessions for our developers and testers – just to keep them updated with the new development tools.
  • Team SizeWe have a lean but focused team – only double digit team size – smart workers with higher productivity is our mantra. As our flagship product is a Cloud Multi-Tenant SaaS – it is capable of supporting thousands of clients on a single code-base. This reduces a significant burden from the maintenance team. A small team can take care of hundreds of client as the code-base and database to be supported is just one! Smart work.

Reducing the cost-of-production of a software application / product is definitely NOT a rocket science. Unlike any other system, software development has only 2 core variables: time & number of resources; that determines  its pricing. We have successfully implemented our PTT to reduce pricing and are happy to pass the benefits to our customers.

Lower Quote… Does that Mean a Compromise in Quality?

Never. We respect our time and our customer’s time. Quality is of utmost importance to us. We are around there for the last 4 years and are here to stay for the long run. For us Quality is not simply a process but a commitment to our client’s deliveries … we are simply striving for excellence in what ever deliveries we promise.

idea to implementation… Gives us an opportunity and feel the difference.

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