Cloud SaaS eTravos vs. Custom Travel Portal: What’s the Difference

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Ever since we’ve launched our flagship cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) our prospective clients are enquiring us about what type of application is suitable for their business needs. What’s the difference between a SaaS (eTravos) offering and an independent website (or custom developed website). With this article, which is a simplified enough to make it easier to understand even by the non-technology background clients, we are trying to help our client in decision making process .

Read on to understand the differences and make a decision based on your understanding. In case you still need some assistance feel free to get in touch with our support.

Cloud SaaS eTravos

In plain English Cloud SaaS is a new delivery model which is centrally hosted by the service provider and operates on monthly, annual or some fixed interval subscription basis. It’s a standard service that has very limited scope for customization. Here you don’t own the source code or database. You can’t host it with the provider of your choice as the hosting responsibility lies with the service provider (i2Space in this case)

Most of the SaaS follow multi-tenant architecture i.e. 100s of client can access the service which has a single codebase and may be a single database. You can read the benefits of SaaS at our blog.

Custom Travel Portals

As the name suggests these portals are designed and developed from the scratch based on your specifications. You own everything of it – it’s your design, your code, your database and a hosting provider of your choice. In this model you are free to do whatever you want with your design and functionality. As this offers great flexibility it comes with a budget that is far more than the Cloud SaaS service (eTravos).

A Real World Analogy to Understand the Above Differences

Cloud SaaS is a ready-to-buy flat where you have very little choice about customization whereas Custom Travel Portal is like you are buying a plot of land and sharing your own design and specification with the contractor’s team, interacting with them and building your own house.

 A checklist for Decision Making

Feature   finger2
     Type         finger1  Cloud SaaS eTravos  Custom Travel Portals 
Budget               Low               High
Can I have my own Brand Name?  right  right
Can I have my own portal URL?  right  right
Can I have my own logo?  right  right
Can I have my own template?  right  right
Can I have my own Payment Gateway?  right  right
Can I change the appearance of Search Page?  wrong  right
Can I add a few more text boxes where ever I want?  wrong  right
Can I add Agents?  right  right
Can I add Distributors?  right  right
Do I own the portal?  right  right
Can I host it with provider of my choice?  wrong  right
Do I need to pay for Maintenance?  right  right
Can I ask for change in “Search results” page design?  wrong  right
Can I update the address in contact us page?   right  right
Can I update about us, Terms and conditions, Privacy policy, Disclaimer policy?   right  right
*Can I create unlimited agents/distributors?   right  right
 Is there any AMC charges?   right  right
Can I upload banners?   right  right
Can I use my own APIs Every service is already integrated with multiple APIswrong  right
Technical Support   16 hours a day  On requirement only

* This might be revised in future.


Before I conclude let me reiterate, if you require full control of your website go for a custom developed portal. Remember, going for a custom development will require more time, effort and budget!

If you are on a tight budget and on a tight launch schedule go for our standard solution, SaaS eTravos as you can start your fully functional business within a day and that too with your own brand!

Keep growing and keep 🙂 Wish You a Happy Entrepreneurial Journey!

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