Hotel Booking Engine – CMS or WebAPIs?

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Many of our prospects and clients are asking us various queries regarding Hotel Booking Engines like what is a CMS based inventory and what is a WebAPI based inventory in Hotel Booking Engine.

The basic difference between the 2 approaches is as follows:

1. CMS means content management system, i.e. you can upload and maintain your own list of hotels from the control panel (Admin Module) provided by us. You can define the hotel name, room type, number of rooms, price, taxes, address and additional description about the hotel. You’ve full control over list of hotels and pricing. Whereas in API based inventory you have no role in what list of hotels is getting populated in search results.

2. To develop a CMS system will take a little more time than an API based system because it has to manage the inventory at your end. Whereas an API based system is a plug and play kind of environment with highly specialized programming skill sets for integration. But if you are planning to go for multiple Hotel APIs in your portal the development time and budget would significantly increase.

Which is the best approach?

You may have guessed it right. For most of the businesses an Hybrid approach is the best suitable. But implementing it will require a complex application architecture and hence loads of time and effort, apart from a significantly higher budget to accomplish!

The above text is represented graphically in the following image [Click the image for a bigger size]:

Hotel Booking Engine - APIs or CMS?

Hope it helps you in decision making. Please share your feedback in the comment section.

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