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After the success of our flagship cloud SaaS eTravos we had received a huge number of inquiry for stand-alone independent lean-n-mean Car Booking Engine that can serve well with the specific customization requirement of individual users. As this solution is having independent database and code-base for each client it can be customized based on the client requirement. The architecture of the application is so flexible that the developers can have a quick develop-build-deploy-test for any client.

Car Booking Engine

Benefits of Car Booking Engine

Earning Reports right
Online Bookings  right
Manage Vendors  right
Your Branded Portal  right
100% Customization  right
Online Booking Requests right

Who Can Benefit from our Car Booking Engine

Travel operators maintaining a fleet of cars are best suited for the Car Booking Engine. Next, anyone who wants to become a travel operator and want to work by aggregating the services of various small or big travel operators.

The Car Booking Engine will work on aggregation model. The client can define car models and car. Multiple Vendors can sign-up and can get registered with the client and later you can split your earnings offline with the vendor. You can aggregate 100s of different vendors to reach upto 1000s of car inventory in your Car Booking Portal.


Car Booking Engine Features

1. Template :Customized colors for the guest side (front-end) design
2. Grouping the Cars By Category and sub category : Customized categories and sub categories for
3. Car/Vehicle Facilities : Customized car/Vehicle facilities
4. Referral Sites: Track the websites from where the guests started the booking.
5. Multiple Payment Options: By bank transfer/wire transfer by credit card
6. Cars Types : Manage unlimited number of cars under various types
7. Car Photo Gallery : Photo gallery for each car/vehicle type
8. Car/Vehicle Special Offers: Customized Promo offers
9. Inventory: Perfect inventory section.
10. Rates: Perfect rate mechanism for all/each car/vehicle.
11. Minimum / Maximum rentals : Perfect minimum / maximum rentals management
12. Discounts: Perfect discounts mechanism.
13. Promotion Code: Perfect promotions mechanism.
14. Reports: Detailed reports for the reservations.
15.  SMS/Emails : Easy Notification/confirmation emails & SMS sent at booking time
16. Easy Search / Results page: Powerful and customized search form and results page.
17.  Detailed Car/Vehicle Page: Individual pages generated by the system for each car.
18.  Easy Booking Process: Easy booking process in simple steps.


So, get in touch with us for our Custom Car Booking Engine before NewYearEve-2014 and get an early bird discount of 14% on the solution that we will provide for your own branded Car Booking Portal.

Visit i2Space Car Booking Engine Demo Portal

Click on the image to view full screen of below screenshots:


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Happy Ending – 2014… Let us Welcome 2015 with a Hope 🙂

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