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In our earlier posts, we have talked about how travel businesses can market themselves through the use of cloud based SaaS solutions compared to Custom Travel Portals. Here our cloud SaaS Solution includes B2C/B2B modules. In this post, we will share the information about Business to Consumer/Customer (B2C) – Guests & Registered Users module.

The state of the art of Online Booking Technology offers customers to book all Travel services tickets with Secured Payment Gateway.

Let’s know how the B2C module works in cloud based SaaS solutions?

Here in B2C we provide online access to global inventory and provide an interactive online experience to the customer. B2C includes two types of Customer Bookings, one for Guests and other for Registered Users.


Guests can do all the bookings transactions through Secured Payment gateway. Here guest can manage their bookings and cancellations provided with options like View/Print ticket, Cancel your Booking.

Registered User includes all the features of Guest, additionally provided to view all the booking/Cancellations reports and also provided with Forgot password & Change password options.


The basic difference between the two user transactions is as follows:

  1. Guest can do bookings for all services through the secured payment gateway option. Here Guest is provided with all the features like Bookings, Cancellations, Print ticket, Check Status and Email/Sms ticket details.
  2. User is a Registered User can do bookings through the secured payment gateway and who can manage their bookings and reports provided with features like Bookings, Cancellations, Print ticket, Check Status and Email/Sms ticket details with their registered accounts.

In the next part we will know about the B2B module..

So stay tuned… 🙂

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