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An Online Booking System is a must-have tool for any travel business today. If you have anything to do with e-commerce or online travel and hospitality portal, Admin Management is a key role in this picture…

What are the Benefits of Admin Management?

Key Benefits:

  • Dashboard login credentials with basic Account Settings.
  • Book All Services online with confirmation.
  • Earn Good commission.
  • Can publish Promotional Codes on your own.
  • 24 X 7 support to their Agents/Distributors.
  • Competitive rates, Personalized Holiday Service.
  • Book Flights, Hotels, Buses, Tours & Car Rental under one roof.
  • Automated & streamlined booking process.
  • Printable e-Tickets.
  • Faster service to your customers.

The below pictures shows a basic Admin Management Panel provides features to manage their Bookings and Transactions for all services.

Admin Management

Here Admin can manage all the features like Accounts, Administration, Reports, Transactions and Holiday Packages.


  1. Where Admin can manage all the services provided?
  • Admin is provided with a PSA panel where he can manage all the services transactions.
  1. What are the features provided for Admin?
  • Accounts:
  1. Manage his Accounts transactions like Access permissions for Agents/Distributors.
  2. Update and publish their CMS pages content.
  3. View the list of his Agents and Distributors information.
  4. Publish his own Notifications and Offers with his own logo.
  5. Upload their own Banners and logos.
  • Administration:
  1. View all Enquiries/Complaints received from front end.
  2. Manage Widgets.
  3. Can Do Partial cancellations of bookings from offline.
  • Reports:
  1. View all the Bookings reports for all services of both B2C and B2B bookings.
  2. Deposits History reports for Self, All Agents and Distributors as well as for specific one.
  3. Sales and Commission reports of both B2C and B2B bookings.
  4. View Account Statement log.
  5. Perform Offline bookings.
  • Transactions:
  1. Balance Alert option.
  2. Commission Mark up option.
  3. Manage Agent/Distributors balance.
  4. My Deposits.
  5. Commission Details.
  6. Convenience Fee for B2C customers.

If you have any feedback or interesting insights, please don’t hesitate to comment…

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