Introducing Travel Accessories in our eTravos!!

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To make life easier for our customers, we are proud to announce our tie up with, sells some exclusive travel products which are not be available in any Cloud Travel portal solutions.

We etravos offer online sales of different products with services, all-in-one location. A value added option given by our site in association with Travelkhushi to our valued customers to make their travel easy.

United Brothers owns the brand TravelKhushi which sells some exclusive products which are not being available in any e-commerce portal. Travelkhushi is an exclusive travel accessories company, which believes in providing quality and reliable travel products and services.

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How can customer order their Travel Accessories?

  1. Customer has choice to order Travel Accessories online from our ecommerce service while booking their tickets.
  2. Also Travel Accessories option is available in check out page. On click of Add Travel Kit button, Popup will be displayed with all the available Travel Accessories products.
  3. Select and Add the Travel Accessory which you like and click on Proceed. Travel kit Amount will be added to your Ticket Fare.
  4. On successful booking, Customers will receive a separate confirmation e-mail from our site with the order details.
  5. Travel kit order details will be notified to our partner TravelKhushi immediately.
  6. TravelKhushi confirms the address with the customer before shipment of the product.

While we work hard towards helping our Clients by providing to their customers happy and light travel with these new service. We commit to continue serving you in the best way possible.

We vow to make your life easier every step of the way, by providing you secure transactions and by giving you an enjoyable shopping experience.

Hope you all enjoy the service… We will continue to work towards achieving your unwavering support and love. We’re always happy to answer more questions on this.

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