Dashboards Can Make Your Life Easier!!

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If you are running sort of time you can quickly go through the Dashboard for all the Transactions. If you are curious to know more read the following post…

A Dashboard is a real-time user interface, helps Clients understand and make quick decisions.  Dashboard is the first screen you see when you log into the administration area.

The main idea of the dashboard is to give you a place where you can get an at-a-glance overview of what’s happening. You can make quick decisions based on Available Balances, Bookings, Cancellations, Commissions/Mark Ups earned and Transactions data representing in dynamic charts and graphics. It’s like a bird’s eye view of operations, from which you can swoop down into the particular details.

The Dashboard contains the following modules:

  • All bookings information
  • Total Commission + Mark up Earned chart
  • Earnings and Bookings Count
  • Offers and Notifications
  • Notice Board
  • Account Details
  • Login Activity
  • Stats
  • All bookings information gives information about Total Available balance in the account, Total number of successive Bookings, total number of Cancellations, total amount of Commissions (Earnings), Total amount of Mark up and Part-Cancellations. Also gives the summary of Transactions. It displays entire booking information about all the services from and to dates with search button as requested.
  • Can view total commissions earned and also Total Mark up earned on each service.
  • Earnings and Bookings Count shows the earnings of Total commission and Mark up for all services. It shows every earnings in the form of graph as shown in below image
  • Displays the offers we offered for customers under this module. Shows the information regarding Notifications under this module.
  • Account Details shows the information about Agent Request, Deposits request, Agents, Total Agents and Distributors.
  • Login Activity shows the information about Last Password changed Time, Last failed login attempt time, Last Successful Login attempt time.
  • The Stats module is a favorite of many users. It’ll show you a graph of your Bookings, Cancellations and Commissions/Mark Ups earned.

The diagram illustrates the all modules information at a glance…


At a glance Dashboard allows you to monitor:

  • Total Bookings and Cancellations of all services.
  • Total Commissions or Mark Up’s earned on each service.
  • Booking Reports.
  • Administration of your data.
  • Summary of Transactions.
  • Activity log.
  • Works on quick identification of Bookings and Cancellations, Sales and Commissions, Dynamic charts and graphics with data.

If you have any feedback or interesting insights, please don’t hesitate to comment 🙂 …

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