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The daily Booking Report shows individuals who have been booked in your site over the time period stated on the reports.

If you wish to analyze the Bookings made during the time frame, choose the Bookings Report option to segment the data by using filters from Service Type, Role, From Date, To Date, Booking Status, etc.,. More details on the Booking Report can be delved below.


This Booking Report is meant to pull a list of bookings/cancellations that were booked/cancelled between a date ranges. This is a perfect report used to track or see how effective at making bookings and cancellations.

Booking reports allows us to monitor the no. of bookings and cancellations done by day to day. You can save the reports to Excel, Word and PDF if you wish to bring the reports into all these documents.

Current formats include:

MS Excel
MS Doc

This report uses the System Date to report on all bookings between the times period selected. This report is primarily used to analyze the booking activities done in your site via the sort categories chosen.

You can also search the Bookings and cancellations by choosing ‘From:’ and ‘To:’ dates to see a list of all bookings and cancellations made during the date range entered by selecting the Booking Status type. This approach gives a comprehensive look at all Bookings and Cancellations activities between dates ranges and allows one to monitor which includes other filters such as Role, Service Type, Reference No. or other features…

Just by using the Reference number you will be able to search for bookings. That will empower you to look at all the bookings/cancellations made for particular period. This will enable you to have better track of all bookings/cancellations made by you with complete information on Bookings and Cancellations.

Booking/Cancellation report is a comprehensive option that will empower you to look at all the bookings and audit view…

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