What’s Cooking at i2Space?

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A lot of things has been happening & happening real quick at i2Space. Here in this post we’ll summarize the most important developments for our blog readers.

eTravos has Arrived!

It has been quite a while since we last update you here about our cloud based service – eTravos.

We’re actively sharing regular updates on our dedicated eTravos social media channels. You’re welcome to Add us/Follow us/Contact us via these channels:

As most of our readers are aware that we were building eTravos for past almost 2.5 years. With years of hard work and dedication, now it has become a rock-solid-and-almost-bug-free service! We had a soft launch of our services almost 6 months back and the enthusiasm of our customers is simply awesome!

Time & again we hear that turn over is the most important metrics to gauge the performance of a startup. So, we decided to share the bus booking turnover of the last 5 months.


Did you notice the hockey stick growth. Yes,  we are growing fast & it’s definitely encouraging. We’re receiving a lot of media coverage as well.

A few more 1st hand information for our readers

We’re also actively working on 2 brand new products namely Hozbe & OBIBO.


Hozbe is an intelligent PMS & Distribution System – an easy & efficient way to manage your property’s inventory along with Distribution & Bookings. With Hozbe you can share your existing inventory online to various OTAs.



Apart from online Booking, it can also facilitate on the spot booking over the counter. Customized billing & invoices.All the reports are just a click away


OBIBO = Online Bus Inventory & Booking Operations

With OBIBO our aim is to bring the following on a single platform.

Bus Operators.
Bus Aggregators.
Travel Agents.
Website Development Companies.

Yes you guessed it right! We’re going to provide Bus Inventory management as well as Booking services via OBIBO. We’re excited & eagerly waiting for the OBIBO’s Alfa release – expected by 2nd week of June – 2016.

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