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Car Booking Engine: Aggregate & Grow Your Business

user/ December 18, 2014/ Booking Engine/ 0 comments

After the success of our flagship cloud SaaS eTravos we had received a huge number of inquiry for stand-alone independent lean-n-mean Car Booking Engine that can serve well with the specific customization requirement of individual users. As this solution is having independent database and code-base for each client it can be customized based on the client requirement. The architecture of

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Hotel Booking Engine – CMS or WebAPIs?

user/ November 18, 2014/ Booking Engine, E-Commerce/ 0 comments

Many of our prospects and clients are asking us various queries regarding Hotel Booking Engines like what is a CMS based inventory and what is a WebAPI based inventory in Hotel Booking Engine. The basic difference between the 2 approaches is as follows: 1. CMS means content management system, i.e. you can upload and maintain your own list of hotels

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