Hotel Booking Engine – CMS or WebAPIs?

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Many of our prospects and clients are asking us various queries regarding Hotel Booking Engines like what is a CMS based inventory and what is a WebAPI based inventory in Hotel Booking Engine. The basic difference between the 2 approaches is as follows: 1. CMS means content management system, i.e. you can upload and maintain your own list of hotels

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Cloud SaaS eTravos vs. Custom Travel Portal: What’s the Difference

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Ever since we’ve launched our flagship cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) our prospective clients are enquiring us about what type of application is suitable for their business needs. What’s the difference between a SaaS (eTravos) offering and an independent website (or custom developed website). With this article, which is a simplified enough to make it easier to understand even

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F5 at i2Space: Winds of Change

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A warm Diwali greetings to all our customers and prospects – May this Diwali brings loads of business and prosperity to you and your family. We are glad to share that we are growing fast and growing big. To keep pace with our growth we had to make some really big decisions and here we are:  An-All-Refreshed i2Space! (Our development

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Idea to implementation. Why i2Space?

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Entrepreneurs by nature are capable of generating numerous ideas on a daily basis – yes, they have a sharp observation and are good at spotting opportunities. Even when they talk on phone, watching TV, in the bathroom, in the gym and even in the sleep, they are continuously getting knocked by the ideas they would love to implement. As you

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Why did i2Space Decide to Move to ASP.Net MVC?

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Software is a fast updating field and the software technology trend changes every month, yes, extremely dynamic in nature! i2Space being an early adaptor of cutting edge technologies regularly reviews its technology stack. We have a small but dedicated team of multi-talented software developers who are in look-out to understand, prototype and implement the latest technologies. So, be it MS-Azure

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Top 5 Benefits of SaaS?

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You must have heard about Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS).  For the uninitiated, let me describe briefly as what is SaaS in a simple language. What exactly is Cloud SaaS? In plain English SaaS is new delivery model which is centrally hosted by the service provider and operates on monthly, annual or some fixed interval subscription basis. SaaS can

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Manufacturing Units: How Can You Reduce Operating Cost?

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i2Space has a 4 years long association with the manufacturing units – small and mid size businesses operating from suburban industrial zones of Hyderabad. Of late we are in touch with a few similar units from Bangalore area also. It doesn’t matter whether we define a category for them but for the sake of simplicity let us call them SMBs

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eTravos – What is Deposit Management System?

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To facilitate quick bookings & cancellations i2Space has adopted the traditional B2B Travel Agent’s Deposit Balance model to its flagship product  eTravos. The system is quite intuitive and simple. If you are curious to know more read the following. If you are running sort of time you can quickly go through the image in this post. How do a Travel Agent Books a Ticket?

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Why to Become a Travel Entrepreneur?

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If you want to start on your own and become an entrepreneur you are at the right place. As you have landed here we assume that you already have some sort of interest for entrepreneurship in travel domain. Hope this post will ignite your interest further. Travel is one of the very few domains which are recession proof and evergreen.  Since

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Our Story – The Inception of i2Space

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An idea can transform the world and rewrite the existing rules. Way back in 2011 Bhargava Vangapally’s world transformed after a fate call on Skype with one  of his childhood buddy while he was working on-site in London for one of the top tier-1 Indian IT MNCs. Listening to his friend’s woes about extremely high budgetary requirement for a custom

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